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A Special Poem written for long-time member and past president of the HFMA Greater St. Louis Chapter, Marty Sorensen






Linda Was a Friend of Mine”….

…a poem I wrote last year.

And now we’ve lost our Marty too,

He too, a friend most dear.


Now Marty bled H-F-M-A,

He loved this group a lot.

Let us remember him this way.

With all the pride we’ve got.


Marty was our President

In nineteen eighty-five.

Number thirty-five he was

He served with heart and drive.


And through the years his efforts for

The Chapter are legend;

Historian and other jobs,

On whom we could depend.


Marty served in Vietnam,

The Air Force was his pride.

Another note that drew us close,

Veterans side by side.


But as Marty has left us now

I feel that I should speak

The thanks I feel for knowing him

He was a man….UNIQUE.


 I’m thankful for his close friendship,

I’m thankful he’s ….UNIQUE.

UNIQUE’S defined as “only one”,

And that’s a fair critique.


I’m thankful Marty was my boss,

A friend both then and now.

I’m thankful that he liked to dance,

(I wish that he knew how).


I’m thankful that he taught me all

About Healthcare Finance.

(From CPA…to JMH…

Reduced my arrogance.)


I’m thankful for the many times

He played the party’s host.

(He’d keep refreshments flowing till

My whole body was toast.)


I’m thankful that Marty made me

Join in H-F-M-A.

I followed his example and

It sure showed me the way.


But most of all, for those of us

Who knew him through the years,

We’re thankful for the man he was

And that he kept us near.


So let me stop my rambling

With one last thing to say,

I’m thankful for the years we had,

I’ll miss him every day.


With Love and Respect

Don Stone


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